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Man working in construction site wearing men’s construction boots
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Men's Construction Boots

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Wolverine Moc Toe

Boot World’s Men’s Construction Boots


When you picture a construction site, what do you see? There are the tools and equipment: jackhammers and power drills, a table saw, wood, sheetrock, drywall, tile, and cement. Then there’s the men at work, sporting their protective gear: hard hats, gloves, reflective vests, and of course, sturdy construction boots.


At Boot World, we know how important workers’ safety and comfort is when it comes to protective footwear. That’s why we take pride in our men's construction boots, one of our biggest and most popular categories. Here you’ll find the perfect men's work boot for any construction worker.


Who Men’s Construction Boots Were Made For


The day laborer hired to knock out a staircase in a two-story residential. The electrician working diligently on plans for an entire commercial building’s wiring, and the plumbers working on that same building’s pipes. The foreman en route from one high-rise to the next.


Boot World’s safety toe work boots and shoes are made to protect your foot against penetration from sharp objects and stabilize your ankles while walking on non-sturdy pathways.


Our men’s construction footwear spans options from many of the best and most respected shoe brands in the market, such as:


We have plenty of men’s steel toe work boot styles available, from the iconic nubuck leather lace-up boots to wedge-soles and pull-on models. In addition to safety toe work boots, we also have construction sneakers and even models like oxfords and loafers that match the look of a dress or casual shoe. Depending on the specific style, model, and use case, a work shoe may be designed with a steel toe or composite toe, or it may feature a soft toe. 


All of our construction men’s work boots provide the safety and durability features you need.

You can expect to see some (or all) of the following safety features in our collection of men’s construction boots:

  • Safety Toe: One of the most important features of a work boot, a toe cap protects the toes and foot from falling objects that could cause injury. Most boots feature a steel toe or composite toe to bear the brunt of most heavy impacts.

  • Slip-Resistant Sole: This type of sole meant for wet work environments provides stability and traction where the rubber outsole meets the ground.

  • Heat Protection: The outer sole of the boot is made with rugged materials that provide a moderate level of protection against heat. Please remember that this level of protection won’t provide complete protection against high temperatures.

  • Shock Absorption: Extra insole cushioning gives a more comfortable experience for your feet in even the roughest environments.

  • Puncture Resistance: Rugged and durable materials are used to make the shoe resistant to punctures from things like loose nails, rebar, and other sharp objects.

  • Electrical Hazard (EH) Resistance:  Made with non-conductive materials, EH-rated boots improve your resistance to electrical shocks, but are not intended to completely protect you from all shocks.


Whatever features your job requires, you’ll find the right model of men’s work boots with us. That’s our promise.


The Boot World Promise


At Boot World, we pride ourselves on being your first and best option for construction footwear. But we don’t just do construction; we’re the industry leader in all kinds of rugged and outdoor lifestyle footwear, from boots and shoes to sandals and sneakers. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots for your next project at work or in the home, or even a pair to wear around the backyard while grilling, we’ve got you covered.


We carry all the top brands, and our prices can’t be beat. With fast and easy shipping, what are you waiting for? Get your new favorite construction footwear today!