Best Waterproof Leather Work Boots

Leather and boots go together like peanut butter and jelly—or even pineapple on pizza, if you’re into that kind of thing. Leather is used for all kinds of boots, in all kinds of ways for toe protection, and there’s at least one style of leather boot (if not several) that is perfect for everyone. Although, maybe the perfect pairing comes in the form of work boots, which take advantage of leather’s rugged durability.

But is leather waterproof and can you wear leather boots in the rain? Leather isn’t 100% waterproof, naturally, so you’ll need to shop for waterproof leather work boots. Or, you can leverage various methods to upgrade your leather working boots that aren’t already equipped with a waterproof barrier. This guide will walk through tips and resources for both strategies.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Leather Construction Boots

If you work on jobsites where you’re likely to come in contact with water, you’ll need a waterproof work boot to keep you protected. This will likely come in the form of a composite safety toe work boot. The classic work boot silhouette popularized by brands like Timberland and Red Wing is nearly unimaginable in anything but leather. While full grain leather isn’t fully waterproof naturally, it can prove to be water resistant to a point.

Many models are optimized for waterproofing, along with other rugged work-related features, including but not limited to:

A majority of leather work boots available are waterproofed through special treatments applied by manufacturers who know that today’s workers can’t guarantee dry workplace conditions.

How to Waterproof Leather Work Boots (If You Need To)

If your leather work boots aren’t already secured with some form of waterproof protection, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to add waterproofing on your own, whether through a homemade boot waterproofing solution or store-bought methods.

Some of the easiest and best solutions include:

  • Spray-on silicone – This water repellent spray is a silicone sealant that provides an easy fix; you’ll need to re-apply frequently, as it wears off quickly with regular use.

  • Oil and cream rubs – Oils and creams apply straight out of the container (no heating required) and spread evenly and smoothly across the leather boot.

  • Wax applications – Wax applications are the longest-lasting solution. It needs to be heated and applied to a boot, then dried for at least one day—well worth it for long-term protection!

It’s important to mention that these methods apply to nearly any footwear or garments, not just leather.

Waterproof, Athletic Leather Boots for Hiking

Another major product category for waterproof leather boots is those made specifically for hiking. Additionally, a hiking boot can also be utilized by those who work outdoors, or whose job entails climbing up stairs or other inclines.

Some of the best models to consider include:

These boots can do double duty for work and play. While you may not immediately look to them as options for your everyday work life, they have the features to make you reconsider.

Ideal Weatherproofing Features for Leather Hiking Boots

What makes a hiking boot ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and laborers alike? There are athletic features on the exterior and interior of each pair to optimize flexibility and comfort.

In addition to water repellency treatments on their exterior, hiking boots often include moisture-wicking features inside. Hiking boots also often build in many of the puncture and slip-resistant qualities required for workplace footwear. Those qualities are just as important while climbing up a rock face as they are when putting up sheetrock.

Leather Motorcycle and Lifestyle Boots, Waterproofed

Finally, one last option for waterproof leather work boots comes from the world of motorcycle riders. Those outside the scene might not know this, but many motorcycle boots double as working boots (and vice versa). And, like the options above, they also often come with waterproof protection.

Some exemplary models include:

No matter what style you like best, these models prove that you don’t need to shop within a work footwear category to find great leather waterproof boots for everyday use.

Find Your Perfect Waterproof Leather Boots at Boot World

Here at Boot World, we carry a wide variety of leather work boots that are waterproof. From traditional work silhouettes to hiking or lifestyle-specific models, we’ll keep your feet covered—and dry. We have all your favorite brands, at prices you won’t find elsewhere.

Check out our quality selection, and step into your new favorite boots today!


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