How to Choose Men's Lace Up Boots

Choosing the perfect boot is about more than looking good (although a bit of style never hurt anyone). Not only does discomfort impede your work quality, but wearing the wrong footwear can lead to debilitating injuries like foot fatigue.

Before you brush that off as an uncommon occurrence, let the numbers do the talking: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 4.8 workers out of 10,000 miss work due to foot injuries per year from improper work shoes. That’s over 53,000 foot injuries reported annually related to employees not equipping themselves with adequate work shoes. That's most definitely not a number you want to contribute to.

And the biggest culprit? Poor footwear.

That’s why you shouldn’t skimp out when it comes to men’s lace-up work boots, whether you’re getting them for an office or a rugged worksite. To help you take a step in the right direction, this article will cover how to:

  1. Select a lace up boot based on style and materials

  2. Choose a pair based on comfort and fit

  3. Wear lace up boots properly

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Style and Materials

The standards for materials and styles change depending on the purpose of the boots. For dress boots, aesthetics and comfort matter most. For hiking and working, the focus is still git and comfort but also safety.

Before picking up a few pairs of pristine lace ups, first, consider where you’ll be sporting them. Depending on where and why you wear the boot you might be looking for a steel toe and waterproof work boot good for traction or a casual and sleek leather boot with a sturdy rubber outsole.

For men’s lace boots that enhance your wardrobe, take a look at these style ideas:

  • Pair sleek slacks and a well-ironed dress shirt with delicately-patterned wingtip boots.

  • For a grungy, cool look, wear leather Dr. Martens in burgundy or black.

  • A Chukka or lace boot is the perfect addition to a casual date look or stroll around town.

  • For a street style look that says you’re cool and have good credit, pair well-fitted jeans and a nice hoodie with light brown Timberlands

For hiking, consider these lace ups:

  • For day hiking, look at low-cut boots with a flexible eva midsole to avoid sore feet throughout your adventure.

  • For more intense backpacking, look for higher-cut boots that offer more ankle support. Their stiffer midsoles will allow you to cross off-trail paths and enjoy multiple days in nature.

  • If you’re crossing hiking paths for athletic training or exercise, consider getting ultralight trail shoes that won’t weigh you down.

  • For more in mountainous terrain, summiting a snowy peak, or when the need for crampons is there, invest in mountaineering boots instead.